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As a not-for-profit museum, we rely on grants, donations, and memberships to fund our operations.

Impacting Education

The education programs of the Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida are not designed to expose young people to the horrors of the past, but to introduce them to the very real people who lived that history. Meeting these people and learning their stories inspire us to do better, to be better.

Anneliese at VLMS

“It was a privilege to witness a Holocaust Survivor’s story. I will always remember Anneliese asking us to respect each other and live peacefully. I will think of that the rest of my existence.”
—Annette N., Lexington Middle School Student

Your support makes an impact! Last year over 17,000 students, parents and teachers were touched by our education programs. We could not have achieved these results without your partnership. A gift of just $54 enables us to cultivate the themes of respect, compassion, and action in the lives of 10 students! How many lives could you inspire this year?

$1,000 ~ Move that boxcar! Make it possible for a school to host this authentic artifact.

$500    ~ Preserve a Testimony! Ensure a Survivor /Liberator story is available for the next generation.

$325    ~ Sponsor a Class Field Trip! Covers the cost of the buses, subs and fees for 60 students to visit the Museum.

$250     ~ Prepare a teacher! Provide the training for a teacher to accurately teach the Holocaust.

$ 54      ~ Inspire a student! Program fee for 10 students.

What does your donation accomplish?

$200,000 each year ensures the core of our Education Programs, including all on-site and off-site programs, the Boxcar Transportation & Education Project and teacher training programs.

$100,000 each year provides a stable location and basic operating funds as we prepare for a permanent home.

$100,000 each year enables us to create and maintain a comprehensive awareness campaign using printed materials, social media and other marketing avenues.

$75,000 each year ensures our Collections will be properly accessioned, stored and displayed.

$25,000 each year enables us to preserve and use the testimonies of our local community members who are Survivors, Witnesses or WWII Camp Liberators.

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