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The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida is home to an extensive collection of Holocaust and WWII artifacts.

The Museum houses over 1,000 original photographs and artifacts related to the Holocaust and World War II. These items are displayed chronologically, from the rise of Nazism to the Allied Liberation and Nuremberg Trials.

Many of the artifacts have been donated or permanently loaned to the Museum by local Survivors, Liberators and other dedicated people. Homer and Diana Helter are very involved community members who have contributed greatly to the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Another donor is the Wynalda family, contributing over 100 items to the Museum. Of special interest are the photographs, documents and artifacts that belonged to the families of Survivors and Liberators who now live in Southwest Florida, many of whom are volunteers at the Museum.

Visitors may view the Collection unaccompanied, or choose between a Docent-led tour and a self-guided Audio Tour.

* Because of the graphic nature of the exhibit, we do not recommend our Museum for children under the age of 12.  However, we leave the final decision in the hands of the parent/guardian.

From the Collection

From the Collection

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