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Holocaust boxcar to be displayed at Barron Collier High School

October 21, 2008 – The Southwest Florida Holocaust Museum’s “boxcar,” which was used for deportation during the Holocaust in World War II, will make its fourth appearance at a Collier County public school during the 2008-2009 school year when it is brought to Barron Collier High School, 5600 Cougar Drive in North Naples, on Oct. […]

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Our World: A grim reminder

By DAVID ALBERS, GREG KAHN, MANUEL MARTINEZ, LEXEY SWALL, Posted June 29, 2008 There was a fear. There was crying. Whispering. Not knowing. “Even as a child I do remember the fear and the anxiety of being locked in a car without knowing where we were going,” says Annelise Salamon, 77, a Holocaust survivor […]

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Naples students get history lesson on concentration camp boxcar

By KATHERINE LEWIS, Originally published April 1, 2008 The students climb the metal stairs and walk into the boxcar. Already in the morning heat, it is stifling and dark. “I can’t imagine being in there with 100 people,” said Kent Coyne, 14. “It felt claustrophobic in there.” Between 90 and 130 men, women and […]

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Nazi boxcar dedicated in Naples, a reminder of atrocities

By I.M. STACKEL, Published January 27, 2008 “God bless mama America,” Virginia Bukowski called out joyously after a speech or song. “God bless mama America.” Bukowski was in a Nazi concentration camp because she defied the Germans when they entered Poland. She wasn’t Jewish. All she did was tell the Nazis that they wouldn’t […]

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